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It started life, in 2009, as Can I Give Them Back Now? and was then re-issued in summer 2010 as The Aargh To Zzzz Of Parenting, but whichever issue you buy, it’s the same cracking content guaranteed. From cooking with your coat on to sniffing babies’ arses, it’s all in there – the good, the bad and the shoddy side of life with little children.

I wrote the book with old friend Jay. She approached the pleasures and perils of parenthood in exactly the same fashion as I did  – self-medicating with booze and moaning a fair bit (in fact, often combining the two).

Click on the link in the blogroll, right, to find out more about the book on Amazon.


My Pip Street series of children’s books is just right for 6+ readers. Published by Scholastic, there are three books out now, with the final in the series publishing in August 2014. You can find them on Amazon here.

PipStreetCover 144187-large-1062950 PiggyCover-154x185


One Response to Buy the books

  1. jen says:


    I just got your book from the library, yes sorry I didnt buy it, but I will be doing!

    I am 32 in a month or so and have two small children, 3 (nearly) and 5 (nearly), I came across your book and guiltily placed it (upside down) on my pile of other books that my 3 (nearly) year old had piled in my arms and I just wanted to say thank you for writing it! I’m only on page 20 but already it has made me breath a sigh of relief and also made me laugh …. alot!

    Thanks x

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