Enjoying the heather

Hello, I’m Jo and I’m 40.

Am I on the cusp of a new life? Or heading downhill to old age and inevitable death? I’m not sure, so I’ve decided to blog about the effects of ageing, about life for women who have stepped away from careers to raise their kids, but whose kids have now, inevitably, gone to school leaving them with a right royal conundrum that goes something like: ‘God, what am I going to do NOW!?’

I am heading towards the more unforgiving years of life, when many doors have closed (the one marked wrinkle-free skin and the other one marked full-on excitement), and a seemingly endless array of new doors are opening onto, what can only be described as, some rum options. Failing fashion sense, health problems, marital stress, career chaos.

I wrote a book with my old chum Jay Curtis about the ups and downs of life with young children; seems only right I should move onto the ups and downs of life with slightly older children. And, of course, orbiting 40.

I’ve been a freelance journalist since 2001, writing about nice things like houses, curtains and people who open little shops selling bijoux items. I have two boys, aged five and seven. I live in Brighton.

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