Spring fever

What sights there are to greet your jaded eyes on a bright spring day… On a run this morning to the sea front, there was blossom and people cheerfully biking and teenagers wearing shorts and flip flops – a sure sign that summer is but a heartbeat away. The sea looked limpid and calm, too, hazing away to the horizon. Sadly, there was an epic amount of rubbish all over the place. Following yesterday’s warmth, around half the population of Brighton clearly repaired to the beach to make merry with strong lager and disposable barbecues. The place was strewn with them.

But it didn’t upset me. I had my new 1970s mix on my iPod, courtesy of husband and just as Donna Summer came on singing I Feel Love, a girl in shorts rollerskated past. Perfect.

Towards the end of my run, I was lucky enough to come across a vision of buffed loveliness, ambling through the park. Yes, it was a Patrick Swayze lookalike only, in the true spirit of lookie likies, he was a less good and shorter version of the original. Here he was, just back from the shops, carrying lots of plastic carrier bags. Lest that emasculate the Swayze-alike overly, he had stripped to the waist, to reveal bulging and quite possibly oiled pecs. What finer signal can there be that spring has most definitely arrived than oiled pecs on a crazy Swayze in your local park at 9.30am?

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